StatCounter Best Tool for analyses Traffic on your Website

Statcounter report

StatCounter is one of the best tool for Checking traffic on your site. This is free website where you can see your traffic details of your site. This website gives the best traffic report about your site. Comparing with other analytic tools it is the one of the best method for finding traffic. They will send weekly reports and monthly reports to your email address.

Features of Statcounter

Graphical representation of traffic on your site

When you log in to this website you can see the traffic summary of your site. Daily, weekly, monthly, Quarterly and yearly.And also you can see custom report by setting date ranges on the settings.The graphical representation help you to get a clear view about the traffic.

Popular pages

Statcounter allow as to see the popular pages. It help you to see the most visit page and the number of hits on each pages.

Came from

Came from option allow you to see your backlinks and number of hits by each links.

Search Engine War

Search engine war allow as to view the traffic from each search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Exit Links

Exit links allow as to vies the outgoing links from your site.

Visit Length

Visit length allow as to see the time duration of visitors spend on your site.


Country option allow as view the traffic from each country and also show number of hits by each country.


Browser option help you to view the browser used by the visitors and shows number of hits by each browsers.

How to set up Statcounter for blogger (Blogspot installation guide)

First of all sign up on statcounter site then u get a coding copy that coding. Log in to your blog and select layout option on your blogger dashboard and add a gadget ( select html/ javascript gadget) paste your code to the gadget and save setting.

How to set up Statcounter for WordPress

First you have to sign up statcounter account then create an account select WordPress as your platform. Then you get a project ID and security code. Next you have to log in to your WordPress Dashboard then install a plugin Search for Statcounter. Install and activate the plugin. Select settings on your WordPress -> statcounter. There you have to ender your project Id and security code and update option.

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