Optimizing Advertising Revenue : Genesis Ad Placement guide

How to increase the advertisement revenue of your WordPress site? Many of the bloggers are confused how to place advertisement in the website to increase the revenue. Google adsense is the best advertising network on the internet. If you like to increase the revenue from adsense you must place advertisement in right position of your blog. If you are using genesis theme it is very easy to optimize advertising revenue.  This article show how to place advertisement in your site for best CPC. If you are using any adsense alternative then you can also use this placement method.


Optimizing Advertising Revenue /Advertisement Placement

The figure shown below shows the best positions where you can your advertisements.The fist position is header right. While placing the banner advertisement on the header right position, every visitors can see the advertisement perfectly. Second position is above the post content, inside the post content and end of the post content. When you place advertisement near to your content the visitors can easily see the advertisement. Third position is in sidebar of your site.



How to add advertisement in primary or secondary sidebar

Genesis users can easily add your advertisement in your blog. To add advertisement in primary or secondary sidebar it is very easy, simply go to appearance -> widgets then add you advertisement to the sidebar via text widget. Past your advertisement code in text widget and save. I recommended you to add 350*250 Ads. If you are using more than one advertisements networks ads then you can place two 160*600 ads linearly in sidebar.

How to add Two 160*600 Advertisement linearly in Sidebar


To add two 160*600 advertisement on sidebar. Fist Select the text widget and place place it in your sidebar (Primary or Secondary), then Copy the code given below

After copying the code next you need to paste it in you text widget. Replace “YOUR FIRST ADVERTISEMENT HERE” with First affiliate link or first advertisement code. Replace “YOUR SECOND ADVERTISEMENT HERE” with Second affiliate link or advertisement code. Then save the widget.

How to add advertisement above the post content

To get more earnings from your advertisements you need to add 300*250 Ads above the post Content. There are two method to add ads above the contend in genesis. The first method via plugin and second method via simple hooks. If you like to add advertisement above the post with the help of plugin then install Quick adsense. This plugin is very easy to use.

How to add advertisement above the post with the help of simple hooks

Firs you need to install simple hook. This plugin is very useful for genesis users. After installing simple hook . Select genesis in WordPress dashboard then select simple hook. Scroll down till you see genesis_before_post_content Hook. There you can see a space to add your code. If you add your advertisement code it will display repeatedly in your home page too. To prevent the advertisement that display in home page, you need to use conditional tags. The coding is given below

Replace the ADS-CODE-HERE with your advertisement code and check execute short code and execute php and save.

If you add a single advertisements above the content then you can see free space on each side of your advertisement. If you add two 300*250 ads linearly you can prevent free space.

How to add two 300*250 advertisement linearly above the post content



Select simple hook Scroll down till you see genesis_before_post_content Hook. There you can see a space to add your code. you need to add the code given below.

Replace “YOUR-FIRST-ADS-HERE” with you first advertisement code and replace “YOUR-SECOND-ADS-HERE” with second advertisement code. Before going to save make sure to check execute short code and execute php. then save.

To add advertisement below post content you can use the same procedure make sure that you have place your coding in genesis_after_post_content in simple loop.

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