How to Transfer mp3 songs from your iPod to your Computer (Without extra Software)

In this post i will help you to transfer songs from an iPod to your computer hard drive with out using any software.This tutorial is for windows users.Follow these steps to copy songs from an iPod to your computer hard drive, It is very easy!!

Step 1 : First connect the iPod to your Computer. Then you can see iTunes start syncing (erasing) your music automatically. hit stop in the upper right hand corner of iTunes display, to the left of the search box, to stop it.

Step 2 : Then go to Control Panel-> Portable media devices -> Double click your iPod.

Step 3 : After that you have to navigate to the Music folder.

Step 4 : Select all the music folders, and drag and drop them into a folder on your computer hard drive or directly into iTunes

The iPod music folder structure is very hard to use. Once you move your files into iTunes you can set it to automatically organize your folder by artist and album to clean that up.

How to set  automatically Organize your folder by artist and album

Step 1 : Open iTunes.

Step 2 : Select iTunes Edit menu.

Step 3 : Select Preferences.

Step 4 : Open advanced tab.

Step 5 : Check (Keep iTunes Music Folder organized)..

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