How to Solve all display problem in windows Operating System


If you are using Windows operating system on your computer you may face some issues related to display. If you switch from windows vista to windows 7 or windows 7 to windows 8 you may face issuers related to display some times you can’t read the text, sometimes cannot set a proper resolution, Screen display color is very dull, over contrast etc.. If you are facing this issues you can solve it in two ways. In this post i am giving you solution for the issue related to display on your computer.

Method 1

The first then you need to do is install your driver CD. Sometime your system need to install driver CD for proper working of your computer. When you buy a computer you get a driver support CD which depend on the Brand of your processor. Normally a driver CD consist of audio driver, Video Driver, Network, etc. You need to install all driver. By using this method you can solve many problems related to display, video, Sound..etc.

Method 2

If you cant fix these issues using above method then you need to install Microsoft Fixit display. It automatically repair display quality issues that readability of text is poor when display settings is not optimal or video driver is not compatible. Some times your driver CD can’t perform well when you upgrade your windows OS from windows vista to windows 7 or windows 7 to windows 8.

Use of Microsoft Fix it.Display Quality Software

  • IF your Video driver is not WDDM compatible or is not installed.
  • Display settings are not optimal for your monitor.
  • Display color settings need to be calibrated.
  • Text is blurred and difficult to read.
  • Clear Type settings may not be adjusted
  • Display settings are not optimized
  • Fix display color settings on your windows
  • The video card driver is not Windows Display Driver Model compliant
  • Fix Blurred text or graphics on display

How to install Microsoft Fix it.Display Quality

First of all you need to download this software. Just Google it ( Microsoft Fix it.Display Quality) and it is a free software. Then open this software then you can see following window

Windows fix

Then select second option detect problem and let me select fixes to apply. After some times you can see a window

fix display

It automatically detect all the problem related to your monitor display.  Here you can fix manually all the problems related to your display. Then click next and finish set up. If above these two methods are not giving a good result then you need to ask help for a computer technician.


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