How to Setup BSNL Broadband Internet Connection in your home

BSNL broadband

BSNL provides broadband internet connection in cheap rate. For Government employees they are providing 20 % reduction. There internet plans are good because providing offers like free calls good speed, night packs etc. If you like to take a broadband internet connection you have to fill a form and give it to BSNL office near to your house. BSNL provides modem-router but they charge 50 rs per month. If you already have a modem-Router then you have to configure your modem-router. In this post i will help you to Setup a Bsnl broadband internet connection manually.

Tools Required

  • ADSL Modem-Router
  • RJ-11 Telephone cable
  • BSNL Telephone connection
  • Splitter
  • Ethernet cable

Setup BSNL Broadband Internet Connection

First of all you have to fill the form and select your BSNL Pack. For this you have to go to near BSNL office. Then Buy a Good ADSL Modem-Router, i recommend you to buy Belkin ADSL Modem-Router. Then configure ADSL Modem-Router for BSNL Broadband. To configure your ADSL Modem-Router you have to go to BSNL office they will configure the modem.

Installation Setup

BSNL Broadband manual setup

The above Diagram shows the Connection involved in installation of Broadband internet connection. Here i will explain the connection. First of all you get a cable from the post normally it is connected on your Telephone right. Here we have to use Splitter. ADSL splitter is available in stores very less cost.

ADSL Splitter

ADSL Splitter has two place for connection. In one side there is only one port and other side has two ports. What you have to do is connect the main line that u connected on the telephone to the First port. On other side You can see two port there you can see Data and voice labeled near to the port. The voice port for telephone and Data port for Internet connection. Connect Voice port to telephone cable via RJ-11 Telephone Cable. Then Connect Data port to your ADSL modem Router via RJ-11 cable. If your computer is away from the telephone then you have to buy long RJ-11 Cable. Next step is to connect Ethernet cable to CPU. Connect the ADSL Router-Modem to CPU via Ethernet cable. Then connect your ADSL Modem- Router adapter to power supply. Then check the connection again. Then turn on ADSL Modem router and Computer. After a couple of minutes you can see light glow in Internet connection on the ADSL Modem router. If You can’t access internet check your connection and splitter. Some time the splitter will not work properly if so you have to buy good splitter. If you are still Facing this problem Register a complaint in BSNL office

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