How to install Android Applications(.apk) on Blackberry 10


Now a days Android Operating system is very popular. It has nearly 7000,000 applications available in Google plays. Blackberry Comes with new application store called Blackberry world, with lot of applications. But comparing Blackberry world with Google play there is less number of application are available on blackberry world. You can install android application on your Blackberry 10. Here using a Mac Android applications is install on a BlackBerry 10.

Steps to install android application on BB 10

Step 1 : Make sure that BlackBerry 10 drivers have been installed onto your Mac. Connect your Blackberry 10 to mac via USB.

Step 2 : Download play book tool ( play book tool is a BlackBerry’s tablet software that’s capable of running Android apps).

Step 3 : After downloading, unzip the file into your /user/ directory.

Step 4 : Open the folder that you unzipped. Copy the files in the lib folder and past it on your Playbook_Tools folder.

bb10 apk

Step 5 : Change your blackberry 10 device in developer mode ( settings > Security and Privacy > Development Mode). Note the IP address and password of your device, it is required in coming steps.


Step 6 : Open finder on your mac then search “Terminal” then Open it.

Step 7 : Open  terminal then type “cd platybook_tools” and then press your Enter key. Then type “java –Xmx512M –jar BarDeploy.jar” –installApp – device Type your device IP here –password Type your password here” Enter your device IP from the development mode settings and the password you set. Provide the name of the .BAR file you’re trying to install. Here I used as an example.

bar bb

Step 8 : Unplug your device then check the application is there

Note that Some application will not work anyhow lot of application are been converted successfully

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