How to block USB with password..

Hi guys,  if you are looking for blocking pen drives , external harddrive and other removable drive securely and for unblocking requires a password  try using ” USB BLOCK  1.50 “.It ‘s cool software  which is easy to access as well as to operate, it has good interface and dashboard which is easy to access and with simple click you can block removable drives, logical drives, external harddisk drives, network drives, unauthorized network pc access  .


key features

*Helps us prevent copy of your data to USB drives and CDs/DVDs that do not belong to you.

*Helps to prevent access by other people to use your logical drive such as add or edit user data on logical drive

*Helps you to  prevents spread of viruses &malware by not letting malicious USB Drives, CDs and DVDs access your PC  without your permission to access (your  password for authorization ).

*USB Block also prompts password each every time you connect an external device. When  you enter the correct password ( that you have set on the time of installation )then only the program allows full access to that particular drive else you deny the access to that drive and  no file can be copied or remove or edited on the drive or to the drive

*It blocks the ports and drive on the system that ensures the security of your system data cannot be leaked , even for a hacker it is impossible to copy or hack system from a network.

*this program monitors the illegal programs and software’s installed\uninstalled as well as illegal password attempts.

*You can also activate stealth mode which prevents from being discovered or background running of this application cannot be detected by this method.

*Blocks unauthorized network access such as My Network Places, Map Network drives, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Networks or any other drive that user access via Run command, IP, DOS or Windows Explorer.

*This software is compactible almost all version’s of windows includes windows server 2000,2008;2003,windows vista ,windows 7,windows 8 and perfectly work on all 64 bit and 32 bit windows.

*blocks memory cards, iPod , cd/  DVD ,the disk hub, bay, combo or CD/DVD drive and allots a drive letter, for example; CD-R, CD-RW, CD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, HD-R, HD-RW, HD-RAM, Blu Ray-R, Blu Ray-RW, Blu Ray-RAM, Floppy Disk A, Floppy Disk B and Zip Drives.

*Blocks mobile and memory cards such as SD Cards, MMCs, Memory Sticks, Digital Cameras, Memory Cell Phones, iPods, Blackberry, Android and Other Mobile Phones.

*This software also offers a hotkey for launching this software while running in stealth mode by . Pressing Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Your Key (Hotkey) will launch the program any time you want.

*it also offers authorize list option in you can authorize you own mass storage devices to the list  Authorize List. Once a device is added to your Authorize List, it will get full access to your computer as soon as it plug-in to your computer without prompting you to enter password.


You can download free trial for full vertion you have to purchase the software.




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  1. great software…,I’ve been seeking for this type of application.

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