How to Create Unique Facebook cover photo using Photoshop [Simple Guide]

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If you are a Facebook user then you would like to post your own unique  cover photo on your time line. These days Google plus also implemented cover photo. This article help you to create your own Facebook cover photo. Here i am using Photoshop to create cover photo. Photoshop is good tool to create cover photo. Here you don’t need any previous experience with Photoshop. I will explain everything. Here i am giving you easy method to create Facebook cover.

Facebook Cover

Here i am going to give some important data before creating a Facebook cover. The main point before creating Facebook cover is its width and height. You must use  850 pixel width and 315 pixel height. It is the correct dimension of Facebook cover.

Create your own Facebook cover

First of all install Photoshop on your computer. open Photoshop Then click file -> New or Ctrl +N. Now a window will pop up, There you have to a give name section after that enter 850 pixel width and 315 pixel height. No need to change other settings, Click Ok. Next step is double click on the layer. You can see layer option on the right bottom. Check out the screen shot given below (must double click on lock button then you can see a pop up window just click OK)

layer double click

Next step is fill background color. To fill background color use paint bucket tool (press G ) or select it from Photoshop tool box at the left corner.Then select black as background color. For selecting background color you can use the tools box on the left top corner.

select paint bucket photoshop

Next is to create new layer to create new layer Hold ctrl+Shift+N Then click OK. Then select elliptical marque tool from tool box. then create three or four circles and fill different color. You can fill different colors using paint bucket tool.

Photoshop tools

Before going to next step u must deselect the selection line. To remove selection line select Elliptical marquee tool Then right click on image then deselect. Next is step is to blur these circles. To blur image on the top menu bar select filter -> blur -> Gaussian blur. The you can see a pop up window ther you need to adjust the intensity.

Next step is to add a new layer Ctrl+Shift+N Then press b ( To open brush tool other ways you can select brush tool from tool kit ) Then right click on image then select a brush Then click on the image to apply brush.

brush tool photoshop

Next step is to adjust the brush layers color to adjust color select the brush layer then change the blending color mode

color mode adjustment in photoshop

Then select file on the to menu then save as ( or use short cut Ctrl+s). Enter file name never forget to select the format choose JPEG format Then Save.

1 Sample Facebook Cover

black magic Facebook covers

2 Sample Facebook Cover

Colorful Facebook cover

3 Sample Facebook Cover

Blue night Facebook Cover

4 Sample Facebook Cover

White Marble Facebook Covers

5 Sample Facebook Cover

Fresh Facebook covers

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